Kingfisher Barn

Pool Terms and Conditions

1. The user takes full responsibility of themselves and their personal belongings at all times. This includes responsibility of all personal injury.

2. There is a maximum number of 8 people in the pool at any one time. With a maximum of 2 watching poolside.

3. There must be a responsible adult (18 years and over) in charge of the group at all times.

4. The poolside notices/rules and policies are adhered to at all times. These include: No nudity, smoking, running, diving, petting, eating or alcohol to be consumed in the pool area.

5. A member of Kingfisher Barn's Staff must be notified immediately of any accidents, including toileting the pool. Please use the poolside phone to call 01235 537538.

6. Kingfisher Barn reserves the right to close the pool due to Health and Safety issues or any other reason beyond Kingfisher Barn's control. This may be without any prior notice.

7. In the event of the hirer wishing to cancel a pool booking, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Full hire charge will be payable unless Kingfisher Barn, with reasonable endeavours, can find a replacement hirer for the same times.

8. The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the pool, surrounding area, furnishings or equipment as a result of neglect or malicious conduct of the hirer or any member of the party. The hirer will pay Kingfisher Barn the amount required to make good any such damage.

9. Failure by Kingfisher Barn to enforce at any time any of the conditions shall not waive Kingfisher Barn's rights and not affect the validity of the whole or any part of these conditions, or prejudice Kingfisher Barn's right to take subsequent action.